25 Lessons I’ve Learned As I Turn 25 Years Old

Today, March 4th, 2018, I turn 25 years old!



*Cue Birthday Song*


I’m always appreciative of my birthdays because I’m weirdly aware that birthdays are not always guaranteed. I’ve made it through this year in good health. I haven’t experienced any major deaths or losses in my family. I’m still receiving checks from my full-time job. I have great friends that push me to be better than I was the day before. I have an awesome girlfriend who puts up with my quirky personality. I even have a church home that doubles as a family. As I write this, the only emotion I can feel is gratefulness.


As I reflect on this past year, I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned.


Here are 25 lessons I’ve learned that I’m carrying into my 25th year of life.

[I won’t go in-depth into these lessons, but I’ll definitely be writing about each of these topics in the future.]

1. Learn from the older people in your life. They have a lot of wisdom to share.

2. Success requires consistency over a long period of time. Don’t give up.

3. There is value in tough conversations.

4. Stop striving, start striding.

5. Every relationship has the potential to change you – for the better or for the worse.

6. Relationships have a way of exposing your weaknesses and flaws.

7. It’s okay to make mistakes.

8. Life happens one day at a time. Be patient.

9. Unaddressed past pain can interrupt present situations.

10. Stop doing things for applause or compliments.

11. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

12. Support your friends even when you feel unsuccessful.

13. You’re the average of the 5 friends you spend the most time with.

14. Staying in your comfort zone will keep you from growing and enjoying life. Learn to take risks.

15. It’s okay to take a break and rest.

16. Just because you feel unlovable, doesn’t mean you are unlovable.

17. Restrictions open the door to rewards.

18. Practice your weaknesses.

19. It takes strength to admit when you are weak.

20. Negative thinking can ruin your life.

21. God can’t heal what I decide to hide.

22. Leadership is more than a title or position.

23. Busyness does not mean you are productive.

24. Getting to know someone involves listening.

25. Don’t wait for an apology before you forgive.



There were so many more lessons I learned from this past year but I hope this list was interesting.

We’re all on a journey. A journey of failures and successes. A journey of losses and wins. But even in a loss, you can still learn a lesson.

It may not have come in a pleasant situation, but what lessons have you learned this past year? Is there a lesson that I listed that you’d like to hear more about? Let me know! Share it in the comments!

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I'm Vladimir, but don't ask me if I'm Russian. I'm an engineer working in Baltimore, Maryland, trying to figure out this whole adult thing. This blog is a collection of lessons and tips that I'm learning along the way of this thing called life!

One thought on “25 Lessons I’ve Learned As I Turn 25 Years Old

  1. I’m glad God led me to read this post tonight. I’m mad late. Yes, I know. As I am approaching 30 I can relate to a lot of lessons you learned and will consider a post like this for my birthday. Anyway, one of the topics I would like to hear more about is “Staying in your comfort zone will keep you from growing and enjoying life. Learn to take risk”. I always play it safe because I’m afraid to do things I never done before. I look forward to hearing more about it.

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